Speed Hand Grips Pro

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Speed Hand Grips PRO

For advanced athletes, better grip and fast transitions for competition level!

Proven by high-level athletes this unique design with a sticky rubber material and real leather on your palm will give you more time on the bar and better padding, which means more repetitions, plus protecting your palm to continue competing.


These Sticky speed palm protectors are made with a unique design and material for Cross Training, based on gymnastic grips and hand protection.

The design is without holes to have a better grip, prevent calluses, and, more importantly, your palm tearing. You'll love the thick padding on your wrist, which will help you hang on the bar and rings longer.

These high-quality hand grips give you sticky contact with the bar and rings without losing your palms' natural feeling. All of these unique features will help you prevent blistering and tearing of your hands and fingers.

1. Turn it over
You could turn the handgrips over without taking them off if you need them to transition to other exercises.
2. Remove calluses
In addition to the grips, It comes with a callus remover to keep your hands always ready for exercise.


● Palm protector: Prevents blisters and ripped palms (specially designed for WOD, bar, and rings).

● Unique wrist protection design: Provides secure, firm protection on your wrist. Features a genuine leather grip, inert cushioning, good support, and comfort.

● Design: It will help you maintain your grip on the bar for a long time while staying comfortable during exercise routines and transitions (farmers mark, kettlebell swing, toes to the bar).

● The New Authentic Leather wristband: Tightens firmly to protect your wrists along with excellent padding for sweat retentions during snatches, cleans, etc.

● Rubber palm protector: They consist of holes-less for your palm and quality rubber that provides extra grip, comfort, and support for your hands.

What is included:

  • Hand grips pair
  • Calluses remover
  • Net Bag

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