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Do you want to enjoy the class? You will need to secure your wrist and protect your hands.

This unique and convenient design is 2 in 1: use it as a Palm grip protector or separate as a weight lifter wrist wrap, you can quickly and easily attach or detach the grip from the wrist wrap and use it when you really need it, Unbroken Palm Grip Protector will help you enjoy the class and be safe.


The grip is specially designed for Cross-training/Fitness and GRID athletes. It has the strongest support for your wrist and the mobility you need for these exercises. These are the most secure weightlifting wrist wraps, as proven and used by Olympic weightlifters for many years. Wrist wraps deliver major protection and support for your wrists.


In collaboration with gymnastic athletes and Cross Training & Fitness, we present this new and unique design for the gymnastic and weightlifting movement.

These palm protectors are made with very thin leather grips that come with 3-finger holes to avoid calluses. More importantly, it avoids hand tearing. This thin leather grip gives you a natural feeling without losing strong contact with the bar or rings. All of these special features help in saving your hands and fingers.

The three-finger holes give you more grip and support, covering part of the palm and part of the fingers.

HOW TO MAKE THE GRIP HOLES BIGGER just in case you need it. (watch the video above)
the holes are adjustable. You can make the small holes fit perfectly for your fingers with sandpaper. Just roll the sandpaper, and then pass it through the holes to make the holes bigger until you feel comfortable with it. Remember the holes will become a little loose after extended grip usage.


● Sold in pairs

● ONE SIZE 3 7/8 inches and up (see size chart)

● 3” width and 14” long wrist wrap

● Thumb loop

● Strong Velcro

● Materials: 40% Elastic, 15% Polyester, 45% Cotton.

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