Speed Jump Rope Pro

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Recommended for Cross Training & Fitness, Double-unders, boxing, fitness & functional training.

● You'll need your own speed jump rope to consistently perform double-unders and singles with ease.

● This jump rope has precision-designed balls and bearings for a high level of control and speed to improve your workout.

● This is perfect for every athlete who wants a more consistent double and single-unders.

● This premium jump rope was designed by athletes using a combination of science and years of experience. It even includes aluminum handles with a perfect length and balance for an ideal grip.

● As athletes, we know what you need, and have built this jump rope with the strongest, highest quality materials possible.

● The premium features make it a little more expensive, but as always, our gear comes with a 100% get your money-back guarantee.


● QUIK SETUP - Adjust the cable length faster and you're good to go!

● DOUBLE UNDERS - This jump rope will make life easier for anyone struggling to do their double-unders and singles.

● HANDLES- aluminum handles with an engraved grip to keep it in place during the workout, even when your palms are sweaty.

● HANDLE HEAD - Quality steel designed for durability with built-in speed bearings for fast rotation.

● CABLES - PVC Coated 2.5mm wire that comes with one additional PVC tube to add weight protect it when outside of the gym floor.

● BEARINGS- Made with quality metal that provides better performance at high speeds. A High-Quality bearing is a key to keeping the wire going for a longer time.

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