NEW Heavy Duty Weight Vest + Sand Plates

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Heavy Duty weight vest + Sand Plates

This HD Vest won't break. The one size fits all. Are you looking for a vest that can confidently hold the weight without breaking, stretching, or coming undone?

This nylon fabric is some of the most resilient materials around. The quick-release metal buckles ensure a secure, snug clasp every time you work out with this vest.

The last Vest you will ever need The heavy-duty vest is for people who need gear that truly lasts on challenging workouts. Above all, you need to know that even after dozens or hundreds of training, your gear won’t quit.

That’s why we chose high-quality nylon and metal construction to create the last vest you’ll ever need. Product Applications We think this product is suitable for: Cross-training Calisthenics Loss weight training.

This vest works with our Sand Plates, also standard iron plates found in stores. It will save you lots of money and give you the option to adjust the weight you want to carry at any time. This vest is specially designed for WODs and has full adjustability for a custom fit and functional fitness for beginners and high-performance athletes. This vest is very durable and easily holds 10 pounds in the front and 10 pounds in the back, a maximum weight of 20 pounds.



  • Quick-release metal buckles make adjustments easy while the adjustable shoulder pads provide a great range of motion so you can wear them during almost all exercises!
  • It's also padded with mesh material so it won't be too thick on top and provide good ventilation - which means this gear stays comfortable even when working out in hot weather conditions or just wearing them around at home every day
  • The fit of this chest protector is comfortable and it's made with heavy-duty webbing, meshing padded interior for bearding.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • One size fits all, unisex.


  • Military-grade quality
  • Plate space inside 12 x 10.5 x 1 inch, self-weight 1.5 pounds, around the chest 50 inches maximum.
  • 2 Patches included.
  • Customized leather laser-printed patches are not included but we do offer a wide

Important: The Inside straps set up is optional, anyway, they were constructed to keep the plate in place, not to hold the plate, if you hold the plate the sharpness of the plate hole will damage the straps.


Our sand plates are the perfect weights to add to your vest. They're simple, affordable, and ergonomic. Just fill them with sand, and you are ready to go.

  • You are buying a pair of sand-plate for the vest carrier.
  • Built with velcro grade, ultra-resistant, and reinforced Cordura material, these plates have no problem keeping sand inside the plate while you are exercising.
  • The plates hold 18 pounds of total weight (9 pounds each plate). You could use gravel or any other materials instead of sand to make it heavier.
  • The measure of each filled plate is 11 x 9 x 1.5 inches
  • Sand is gentler on your body when you do burpees or abs with the vest.
  • You could also adjust the weight depending on the amount of sand you put on the plates.
  • This product is convenient for travel; you can even empty the sand plates and fill them when you arrive at your destination.

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